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You Don’t Know Jack (2010)

You Don’t Know Jack (TV 2010)

Director: Barry Levinson 

Writer: Adam Mazer

Director of Photographer: Eigil Bryld

Starring: Al Pacino, Brenda Vaccaro

You Don’t Know Jack is a remarkable film. A word of warning to those who require an explosion every 10 minutes or some form of extreme action, this film is not for you. Its slowish moving but beautifully made which leaves you questioning what you believe about the most basic question of life and death.

The true life story follows that of Jack Kevorkian, who in the 1980’s began medically assisting patients who wanted to end their life from their physical suffering which was often the result   of an accident or a medical condition/disease. The audience is taken on an emotional journey through the challenges faced by the far right as well as the state of Michigan which repeatedly attempted to bring an end to          Dr. Kevorkian’s ambitions.

If there ever was an oscar winning performance, it has to be Al Pacino for his role as Jack in this film. His performance is spell-bounding.

I really loved the look and feel of the film too. Set in the 80’s theres a lot of browns grey’s and blues – colder tones which strengthen the mood of this sombre film.

Definitely a must watch.

Performance/Characters: 9/10

Cinematography 7.5/10

Plot/Story Development 7.5/10

Production Value 7/10

Quality Rating: 8/10

Entertainment Rating: 8.5/10


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The Way (2010)

The Way

Starring: Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez

Director: Emilio Estevez

Director of Photography: Juan Miguel Azpiroz

Duration: 123mins

The Way follows the story of a father (Martin Sheen) who journeys to France to collect the remains of his son  (Emilio Estevez) who died whilst walking the Camino De Santiago starting in France and finishing in coastal Spain. Tom (Sheen) decides to embark on the trek himself, carrying his son’s remains to the final destination. The film follows his trek and the people he joins along the way.

The story is a little weak. There’s not much conflict or obstruction which would make for an epic tale. Instead there are a few moments of personal clashes or the odd nuisance of the bag falling into the river or getting stolen in a gypsy town. However what is amazing about this film is the cinematography. I really hope they shot this along the actual route because the scenery is breathtaking. Country lanes and mountain roads, desserts and rivers, farm houses and villages where the food is amazing and the wine continually flowing. I really enjoyed how the film was shot.

I also enjoyed the characters. Martin Sheen is a personal favourite. He is brilliant in everything I’ve seen of his. The supporting roles were very good too. The crazy Dutchman played by Yorick Van Wageningen and the even crazier Irishman played by James Nesbitt were very entertaining and add some humour to the experience.

Overall ‘The Way’ is a worthwhile film to watch, a feel good movie that is beautifully shot and fairly well performed. The lack of credible storyline doesn’t detract too seriously from the entertainment value.

Plot/Story Development – 5.5/10

Performances – 7./10

Cinematography 7.5/10

Entertainment Rating. 7.5/10

Quality Rating 6.5/10