How This Blog Works

I like film. I like watching good films and thinking about what makes a good and bad film. But I am not an expert or even a professional. I have never studied film or filmmaking. I haven’t made any award winning pieces which gives me credibility. Instead I’m just a fan writing about some of the films I like and some of the films I dont.

I’ll aim to keep the reviews short and readable. You wont have to have a degree in film to understand them or a dictionary to understand the terms used.

I’ll review the films in two ways. Firstly by some categories I believe make up a good film.

1. Plot/Story Development – Is there a good plot and does the story go somewhere and develop?

2. Cinematography – How does the film look? Is it particularly impressive and interesting?

3. Performances – How do the actors perform? Are they quality or B grade (Steven Seagull, any wrestler now acting)

I will assign a score out of 10 for each of these. These are purely personal scores as this is my blog.
The second way I will rate the film is based purely on entertainment value of the film. Sometimes the technically rubbish films are incredibly entertaining (Dumb and Dumber).
Feel free to comment, disagree and debate.

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